We at The Beautiful Bike own bicycles and ride regularly outside. Although we have different riding styles, what we share is an indelible commitment to our mission: To inspire you through cycling. While pedaling, we have felt the power of our legs, the persistence of hearts and the broadening of our self-confidence that has propelled each of us to achieve our biggest dreams. What does this mean for you? It means a workout that will not only help you build a strong, lean, healthy body, but also a clear mind and resilient spirit. It means we will continue to help you raise the bar for yourself. Our instructors will propel you to your goal.  Champion Yourself!



  • Peter Cannon

    Peter Cannon

    Creator of Beautiful Bike

    Peter Cannon has been an entrepreneur in the exercise and health industry since 1994. His career began with a single mission: Teach new skills to enhance his clients' performance, health and longevity. Today, in addition to being the founder of Beautiful Bike, Peter is the owner of Cannonbilt Fitness Company LLC where he works to help individuals lay an essential foundation for movement and protect against injury.

    Peter is certified through CHEK Institute as a Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist, Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Golf Bio-Mechanic. He is also certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health Fitness Specialist.

    Peter's passion for the trusty bike started out with a friend's Schwinn Comp at ten years old. He rode up and down the block until he could bunny hop up a curb with precision. In the 80's Peter flourished in competitive BMX racing.

    Since his BMX days, Peter has continued to ride all types of bikes. He races his mountain bike, participates in endurance distance events, teaches indoor cycling and is an avid cycling commuter.

    Peter started Beautiful Bike to share the simplicity of becoming a better cyclist at any age and create an environment where customers can tap into the health and well being cycling offers.

    Peter says that his legacy will be complete when people remember him as a person who helped liberate others to follow their visions, goals and truest sense.