Higher intensity classes designed to nudge you to the next level of fitness. We guide the ride. All levels welcome. Bring two water bottles (recommended). 45 min.

Summer Challenge

Get summer fit with our REDBIKE style class format. This is a 4 week Summer Challenge series. We meet 2x per week for 4 weeks. Monday and Wednesday @6am.
Series #3 begins July 31st.
Series #4 begins August 28th.
Series #5 begins September 25th.

Redcord Advanced

Get superior arms, abs and legs with the Redcord class format.
We meet 1x per week for 4 weeks.
Series #1 begins June 22nd (Thursdays) @6am
Series #2 begins Aug. 3rd (Thursdays) @6am
Series #3 begins Aug, 5th(Saturdays) @11:15am
Series #4 begins Aug. 31st (Thursdays) @6am
Series #5 begins Sept. 2nd (Saturdays) @11:15am

Redcord Suspension Training

If you want real abdominal strength that increases your mobility and has a simple performance carry-over to all of your daily activities, Redcord is for you. It is based on performing exercises using specialized ropes and slings with your own bodyweight as resistance. Small group training allows us to coach you beyond challenges you have faced before. This is an "Off the Bike" class. Barefoot or athletic shoes. 45 min.

Core Ride

Our minds can ride strong. We will match it and raise our level. Innovative coaching focus to strengthen and tone the entire body. All levels welcome. 45 min.

Core Ride w/ Live Drums

A rockin' good time and boostin' the beats! This visceral experience is accompanied by a live musician setting the tempo for a 45 minute Core Ride.

Power Ride w/ Live Drums

We build on our strength and endurance with real bicycle riding techniques while boostin' the beats! This visceral training experience is accompanied by a live musician joining the tempo with our music playlist for a 60 minute "Endurance Ride". Bring your steady perseverance, two water bottles and a post ride snack. Counts as one class.


CYCLING + Redcord joined together equals REDBIKE! We bring stability, mobility, strength and cardio to this 60 minute class (30min. RedCord and 30min. On the Realryder bike). Become stronger, faster and adapt your body to new demands imposed upon it. 60 minutes. Counts as one class.

Endurance Ride

Mindfulness between you and the bike. Every class is focused on achieving specific, purposeful objectives. The outcome: you are a better cyclist, absorbing skills from each course we draw. 60 minutes.


Vinyasa yoga, or Flow Yoga, is a style of yoga where one pose smoothly connects with the next. Often times dance like in quality. Each pose is cued with an inhale and an exhale. Students will build strength, flexibility and focus while calming the mind. 60 minutes. We supply the mats. Please bring a towel and water bottle.

Dynamax Med Ball Training

We maximize your strength and mobility by teaching you to move efficiently in all planes. The Dynamax Medicine Ball is challenging, pliable and a fun tool to use for building solid musculature. All levels welcome. 45 minutes.

**Challenge Ride

Real scenarios and ride simulation. Great for cyclists training for specific goals or fitness enthusiasts looking to burn calories. Test your mettle and measure your improvement. 75 min. **Counts as two classes.


The peloton (from French, originally meaning 'platoon') is the main group or pack of riders in a road bicycle race. We simulate a pack of riders in a road bicycle race as a team, traveling as an integrated unit. Each rider makes slight adjustments during the race. This engaging interval based class is filled with camaraderie.

Tech Cycle (TC)

Whether you are riding up Denny Way to Cap Hill with groceries in your pack or it's the last hill of the group ride, this is where you learn techniques like breathing and pedaling efficiency. Get strong and efficient your first class!
Beneficial to all skill levels. 45 min.

T.P. Performance

Next level of foam rolling: trigger point release that mirrors deep tissue massage. Decrease your recovery time from strenuous workouts. 30 min.

R.O.C. (Ride Outside Crew)

Minimal car traffic. Regroup at the top of hills. Meeting spot is:
Leschi Starbucks -
121 Lakeside Ave, Seattle, WA 98122 @10am. Ready to ride @10:10am. Please bring your own repair kit including pump and extra tube. Please sign up on BB web site (free).

Meditation Lifestyle Series

Learn how to unplug from this fast paced and over stimulated world.
Integrate the tools taught in this class to create a sacred space in your home.
Practice the art of mindfulness and attention to cultivate a sense of peace, calm and balance.